How often should strings be changed?
To maintain the best sound, strings should be replaced at least one a year.

What are the types of materials used to make strings?
Strings are made with steel core, synthetic core, or gut. See the resources page for more information.


Where do you ship to?
Orders ship within Canada only.

Where do you ship from?
Orders are shipped from Ontario.

What shipping method is used?
Shipping  is via UPS or Purolator with tracking number.

How much is shipping?
Shipping is $25 to $30 flat fee, depending on the province, for all items except cello cases. Shipping for cello cases will be displayed at checkout.

May I pickup my order in person?
Since we do not operate a physical retail shop, orders are delivered to you.


Why buy from 24/7 Strings Canada?
By focusing on just strings and cases, we aim to make shopping for strings easy in Canada. Prices are listed in Canadian dollars, so no need to worry about paying in American dollars or border crossing.

Where is 24/7 Strings located?
24/7 Strings is a online only shop based in Ontario, Canada.

How do we contact you?
The best way is electronically. Please use the Contact page.