Thomastik-logo250Thomastik-Infeld can look back at a long history full of change. Even before the beginning of the First World War Dr. Franz Thomastik (luthier and Doctor of Philosophy) dealt with all raw materials for potential use in making strings. Starting in 1919 he did his systematic research into materials together with Otto Infeld, an engineer. The cooperation of the company founders first occurred as a joint effort of two single enterprises. The home of both companies was in shared premises in the 6th municipal district of Vienna. In 1921 the foundation of the joint company “Dr. Franz Thomastik and employees” followed.

The time after 1950 was marked by a growth of the company. The unrivalled striving of the founders for the highest quality formed the basis for that crucial innovation which was the starting point for the success of Thomastik-Infeld. Right up to the present day this innovation has significantly contributed to the company’s success: a string with synthetic core and flat wire winding. Currently, Thomastik-Infeld and its 200 employees produce about 3,000 various strings for stringed and plucked instruments in the very heart of Vienna, the City of Music.